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May 15th, 2014

Avengers--rec--Phil @ 08:44 am


The Anti-Entropy by Evenmoor-- Phil's back(or Q's annoyed he's dead)Angst,Humor,Payback,Alcohol,Coulson Lives
Summary:Director Fury's had a really bad day. Manhattan is in shambles, the helicarrier is a wreck and his best agent is dead. He's in no mood to be bothered by the multiverse's most annoying omnipotent being. Again. And Q can only make this day worse. Right?

Why I'm reccing it: Never piss off a super powerful being like Q(Startrek) by dying even if he only sorta likes you he may keep you around forever. LOL silly story I know..but I remember reading Out of the Big Black by Rae Trail's. Where a Q(Amanda I believe resurrects Kirk for Spock)and our Q brings him back to Picard well I remember thinking too bad he wasn't around during Phil's time of death so when found I this I was like awesome and then oh crap poor Phil he may be around till the stars burn out.
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